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Motivation: Psychology of Working Out. How To Keep Going!

I want to think I have some pretty great conversations with my clients, and recently, a client asked me, "What keeps you going? As an athlete and someone who likes to train hard 5 days a week." I wasn't quite sure at the moment, but eventually, my answer was, "My why keeps me going." I've had some time to ponder it more so I could write and expand on it. That is the whole goal here with the motivation series. Every Monday, I want to have something posted that my clients and members can refer to so that they continue to be motivated for the goals they are looking to reach.

Most people set goals before they start a workout program or work with a trainer. However, in human nature, when that goal takes longer than expected, we tend to fall off and lose our motivation. It has been proven numerous times that when people have a why for their actions, they are less likely to fall off and give up on reaching that goal. For instance, when a new client comes to me, and I ask them about their goals, let's say to lose fat, the next thing I would say is, "Why?"

There is either silence in person or the FaceTime call. Usually, people never know why they want to look a certain way, but they know it is the goal. So this simple question allows me, as the trainer, to help the client dig deeper. Let's say the client wants to lose fat so they can be more active with their kids. That is a great reason, but why? Why is it important to be so active with their kids? Let's say they feel that's the best way to bond with their kids based on what their children like to do. We have narrowed it down even more.

I am sure, as most know, it is important for parents to be able to have a relationship with their children. So as I am training that client, we are using that as motivation to keep the client going and consistent. Below I will show an example of how you could figure out your why for yourself.

Top Goal

Lose Fat. Why?

  • Be more active with my kids. Why?

    • Best way to bond with them.

  • Feel healthier. Why?

    • I could move better and not feel like I struggle to do simple things.

  • Look better. Why?

    • As I age, I want to try to look like the best version possible.

When doing this activity, don't be afraid to be vulnerable with yourself and completely honest. If you can be completely honest, you feel even more determined to reach your goal. Determination outweighs motivation! Motivation is there to get you started, and determination will keep you going!

You can also do this activity with a trusted partner or close friend.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel motivated to start your journey!

Comment below and share some health and fitness goals you want to reach!

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